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Follow up to Pro Unionists Complain About...

April 2nd, 2018
Thanks to YES Scotland's Future for sharing my original post, I never expected such detailed replies. It appears that we all think the same but there seems to be no plan or strategy to get our points across. I work in retail and talk to loads of folk… more »

Pro Unionists Complain About... Everything

April 1st, 2018
WARNING : This post contains language that some readers may find offensive.  I have recently been researching Facebook groups to find out what the pro unionists are doing to promote the Union and convince YES voters that they are wrong. I wanted to find… more »

Right to Buy - A right to destroy communities and local economies

May 14th, 2017
The Tories are promising to build more council houses BUT they can be sold in 10 - 15 years.   Right to buy was disgrace that sold everyone short. We now have family homes that are occupied by right to buy pensioners. They needed those houses when they… more »

Think carefully before strengthening Mays power

April 30th, 2017
Let's look at the morals of our future dictator. Sorry I'll rephrase that, let's look at the voting history of our potential future Prime Minister. Generally voted against measures to prevent climate change Generally voted for the privatisation of Royal… more »

General Election : Party or Country?

April 28th, 2017
Question Time on BBC1 on 27 Apr was discussing the Election and if it was for the good of the country or for the good of the Tory party. It's plain from the responses that it was cleary a party driven decision however, the same old nonsense about the… more »